Brisbane QLD

 In 2014 I was brought on to help a large government department here in Australia to think about the future of transportation. For more than a year I was delving into the behaviours and technology that drive our movements and activities along roads and highways. It really changed how I thought about and engaged with transportation - and the environment.

With my research highlighting how quick driverless and electric vehicles were becoming a reality - and not being too in love with my car at the time, which, to be fair, was in not too great a shape - I decided to try a personal experiment. I sold my car and made a commitment to public transport.

It helps that in my home city of Brisbane, Australia, buses run on natural gas.

Since ditching my car, I’ve not really needed it. Living inner city like I do, it’s pretty easy to get around without one. More importantly, this decision started to have rollover effects into other environmental decisions: I replaced plastic shopping bags with reusable fabric bags and started carrying a nifty glass water bottle that I could top up rather than buying countless plastic bottles.