As with other youths, it was difficult for me to not fall into the black hole of fast fashion. Affordable and ever-changing designs – who wouldn’t be a fan?

In University, I joined a service-learning group called Atlas. In my second year, we looked into the ever-growing problem in our society – fast fashion. From the vibrant dresses that we strut down the streets into the textile dyed crop tops, we have no idea how much toxic chemical we are indirectly producing with every purchase. From increasing levels of textile waste to water pollution, I can go on and on about the detrimental consequences that fast fashion brings about. Clothes have long become disposables – like our plastic bottles and bags. We wear them once and they are instantly replaced with a new piece we snagged from a sale.

Together with my schoolmates, we worked with local community organizations like ‘Connected Thread Asia’ and ‘Swapaholic’ to promote sustainable fashion through initiatives such as clothes swaps and series of talks in participating schools. As an individual, I think THRICE before I shop. Also, my sisters and I donate our clothes to less-privileged families whenever we can!