I believe we are all on this planet to make an impact and to create a difference.

Often we don't realize how fortunate we are to have water when we open our taps or to not spend our nights in darkness with no electricity. These are things that we sometimes take for granted. Having travelled around the world and being associated with WWF Nepal as the Young Conservative Ambassador in 2010, I realize that we need to own up to our actions and understand that the Earth is our home.

So how can we as individuals take a step to protect what is ours?

Here is my promise - to use wisely any resource that this earth provides. My family and I make sure we recycle and reuse as much as we can. My dad and I are very fond of gardening and we make our own compost from household waste; a means to #connect2earth in the literal sense! As simple as it may sound, I feel this creates our own small ecosystem to support insects and birds with whom we share our space. I also harvest rainwater in our house and use the collected water to water the plants and wash our clothes. By being mindful of less to zero waste, I feel I am able to inculcate the value of sustainable living.

My actions might not speak volumes but they can add up if we are in it together. Just like Earth Hour that harnesses the power of the individual.