Roger Milla

During my long and rich career as a footballer, I travelled the world and was able to appreciate the wonders of nature. I fell in love with it. Nature has made me the oldest scorer in the history of the World Cup and I felt indebted to it. I decided to give Mother Nature everything she gave me.

With this commitment, I started by travelling through Cameroon, my country, a miniature Africa, rich in its diversity with its green abundant and lush vegetation, its climate variety and its fauna. At that time, we did not discuss topics such as global warming and the greenhouse effect, shortage of water, waste, deforestation, endangered species. I would almost say that these subjects did not exist. Today the degradation of nature is a reality; we all suffer from climate change; the ecosystem suffers an imbalance and has lost certain wildlife species.

Young people are the future. We must involve them today to participate in the development and implementation of projects and programs for the protection and promotion of the environment. In countries like ours, they represent more than 50% of the population thus constituting the most important part of the population, the one that can not only spread messages but also be the main actors. That's why in all our actions, through my Foundation, they are the keystone and the main levers of our Sports for Nature program.