Since a child, I have actively been defending the amazonian rainforest and our people. For the past few years, I have worked with my own community and other communities across the Ecuadorian Amazon, worked on international campaigns, participated in conferences and partnered with different organizations in order to protect and defend our territories. It’s important to understand that indigenous people play a key role in the protection of the Amazon, and the world.

I grew up surrounded by nature and animals, in a place where we grow our own food, and drink the waters directly from the rivers. I always had much respect for humans and nature, for life.  I was taught that everything is connected. Human, animals, plants, earth. We call it the natural balance, the balance between humans, nature and spiritual beings, you can also call it an ecosystem. As indigenous people we depend on a healthy environment and a surrounding that is alive. We call it The Living Forest. We need clean rivers, because we drink the water directly from them, we need healthy soil, because we grow our own food, we need the animals, the birds and the fish and they need the forest. Our whole survival as a people depends on the future of the Amazon.  This is what I am fighting for.