United Kingdom

I have been fascinated by wildlife for as long as I can remember, and it's not just the fluffy stuff; I have always found the miniature worlds of insects just as exciting as watching large carnivores hunt their prey.

Picking up a camera for the first time helped turn this fascination into a full-blown obsession - I didn't just want to find animals, I wanted to get nice photos of them too. That required getting close to them, and to do that I had to research their habits and learn about the incredible ways they've adapted to their environments. This whole process meant I was more connected to nature than ever before, but it didn't just stop there. I now had photos of these special moments which meant I could relive them over and over, as well as sharing them with other people. My friends, my family; people who wouldn't (or couldn't) go out and discover it all for themselves. If I wasn't outdoors chasing nature, I was indoors talking about it to anyone who would listen!

Fast forward to the present day and I'm lucky enough to work professionally as a Wildlife Photographer & Filmmaker, travelling the world and having more of these incredible encounters with nature than I could've possibly dreamed of as a kid. Not only that, I am able to share these moments with people all around the world through social media - that's the biggest thrill. I love connecting to nature through my camera, but the fact that I can use my work to connect others to it too is the reason I do what I do.