I have always been inspired by the power that we have as individuals to make a change, and Earth Hour was just one great reason to channel that power into action.

Organizing the largest collective environmental movement in my country helped me realize that the Earth is not only a home to us, humans, but to millions of other species and that we need to restore the balance between the biodiversity for the positive future of our shared home.

My story with Earth Hour starts with my passion for journalism - ever since I started writing about Earth Hour, I was thrilled with the idea of millions of people around the world, uniting for a cause and turning off the lights in one hour to send a visual, symbolic message of their commitment towards the planet. I never thought I could be a part of a global movement, but that is the uniqueness of Earth Hour, it is a movement that spreads across the world, yet, anyone, anywhere, can join, spark awareness and take action!

As editor-in-chief in the editorial desk I have been working on this years, many things have changed since we joined the Earth Hour. We have become a paperless company, meaning that paper is used only if is really needed. We have encouraged people to use public transportation to go to work, especially in those days when Skopje, our capital, has high level of air pollution (did you know that Skopje is one of the most polluted cities in the world?). Also, we have changed all our regular light bulbs with LED lights, making our office even more brighter, but in the same time using less electricity.

Together with the Earth Hour campaign in Macedonia, we were able to give educational institutions and individuals sets of LED light bulbs, we have planted thousands of trees, cleaned public spaces from garbage and spark awareness on climate change and biodiversity!

We connect to Earth everyday, that is why I am dedicating my hour to Earth, the one home we all share, because every action counts!