I’ve always liked fashion and shopping for clothes. Ever since I was old enough to buy my own outfits, I’ve been shopping around. But then I started seeing videos online about fast fashion and how it’s harming the environment and that got me curious, so I went to do some research on the whole topic. I found out that the fast fashion industry is actually really bad for the environment because of the dyes, resource wastage and water pollution. After reading up on all this, I decided that instead of constantly shopping for new clothes and throwing them away when I’m tired of them, I’d rather invest in a few choice pieces of clothing every year and wear them for a long time. So nowadays, I avoid shopping at fast fashion retailers and try to keep my shopping sprees to a maximum of one or two per year. Cheap, trendy fashion really comes at a huge cost to the environment. And I don’t want to wear the same things as everyone else anyway.