I am Anuram Chaudhary, and I come from a small village in Bardia in Nepal with my backyard home to the forests, tigers and rhinos of Bardia National Park.

Living in such proximity to nature has helped me understand the value of biodiversity from a very young age. I was in the second grade when I planted my first tree by choosing the best occasion for it – my birthday. To me, there is no better gift, for myself and for the planet, and I have been encouraging my friends and community members to do the same. Imagine the difference that this small act can create for the environment if we pool all our birthdays Together!

33 trees later, I have found many more ways to connect to the environment along the way. While I understand that it is quite difficult to completely do away with plastic products, I make sure that I carry my own bag everywhere I go because of which I personally haven’t had to use a single plastic bag. I also use a bicycle to commute as I believe it keeps both me and the environment fit!

I feel we as individuals do not always need to think of big actions to make an impact. Any small but continuous act can spiral into positive change if many are in it together.