As a biology enthusiast, I’ve always been amazed at how much nature has to teach us. Most drugs have been discovered by identifying active ingredients from natural products! In the past, plant products played a predominant role in medicine. Today, we have refined natural products to produce common drugs like aspirin and even anti-hypertensive drugs! There is still so much to learn and discover from nature to better our lives. It’s strange that we don’t see how destroying nature ultimately disadvantages ourselves.

As much as I believe biodiversity has a vital role to play in new medical discoveries, I’m also strongly against cruel animal testing. Therefore, I feel strongly for strict compliance towards ethical principles of “respect for life” and for the “dignity of creation.”

This Earth Hour, I wish to connect to people. In my opinion, it is vital to engage, educate and coordinate the different members of a community to ensure a smooth, concerted effort from one community group to another in championing the rights of mother nature.