United Kingdom

Recently I've been learning all about biodiversity and how important it is for the survival of life on earth. When we think about 'nature' we usually think of going for a forest walk, or swimming in the sea. In reality, nature is everywhere - it's the water we drink, the air we breathe and the very food we eat. Nature needs a wide variety of life to survive and thrive but there is currently a worrying trend of nature loss as a direct consequence of human activity on the planet we all call home.

We need to understand the importance of biodiversity and do all we can to protect life on earth. There are some very simple things we can all do and which I'm doing, like cutting down the amount of meat we eat, reducing single-use plastic consumption and looking for alternatives to car and plane travel.

We are custodians of life on this planet and should pass it on to the next generation in a better state than we found it. We all need to pull together and do our bit... because there is no planet B.