Together with Pocoyo and his friends, you can #Connect2Earth too!

Nature is all around us, from the trees that line our streets to the milk you drink in the morning. Join Pocoyo and his friends Nina, Elly and Pato as they learn more about why it matters and how to make a difference.

As they #Connect2Earth through meaningful actions, he and his friends are determined to protect our planet and make our home a better place!

As 'Kids Ambassadors' for Earth Hour since 2010, Pocoyo and his friends help raise awareness on Earth Hour and the environmental challenges facing our planet among future generations, encouraging audiences - young and old - to support the cause and speak up on why nature matters.

They've added their voices to thousands around the world calling for urgent action for our planet. Here's how you can do so too:

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Pocoyo's Breakfast


Ever wondered where the bread or juice from your breakfast comes from? Follow Pocoyo and his friends on their exciting adventure to find out more and discover how nature is present in our daily lives. 


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Over the years, Pocoyo, Nina, Elly and Pato's love for nature has brought them on many adventures. In this special episode of Earth Hour, Pocoyo and his friends remind us of the importance of taking care of the Earth and discover that nature surrounds us every day!


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More fun with Pocoyo



Learn how to make a fun monkey drum and a luminous earth globe to celebrate Earth Hour!

Earth Hour Activity Book

Pocoyo has launched an exciting new Earth Hour activity book! Hop over now to check it out and have fun while learning easy tips to help save our planet!


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Join Pocoyo and friends to #Connect2Earth


Hello, I am Pocoyo! I am blessed with amazing friends that love nature as much as I do. My new friend, Nina, lives in the forest. We love to find out more about different kinds of plants and animals. One tree we really like are Bumbleberry trees! They are special and make yummy fruits! My friends and I protect animals and plants like the Bumbleberry trees by not littering and picking up litter whenever we can. We also recycle things such as plastic, paper and aluminum to reduce the amount of rubbish in nature. The world is full of special and beautiful living things that need our protection. With care and action, we can give help to all the wildlife instead of hurting them.


Hello! I am Nina. I live in a flower garden that is filled with all sorts of beautiful plants and flowers. I am very proud to call the flower garden home and I always invite my friends over to play with me! We love watching the colourful animals and insects roam around the garden. Apart from the garden that I live in, I love exploring rainforests as well! To protect my amazing home and the nature around me, my friends and I set up a recycling corners. With the recycling corners, pollution waste can be greatly reduced! Also, recycling reduces the need for raw materials such as paper. This can help to preserve rainforests and protect habitats.


Hello, I am Pato. I live in a bright and vibrant place called Earth! I switch off the lights and electrical appliances whenever I do not need them and I often encourage my friends to do the same. Join my friends and I in leading a more sustainable life! Remember, there are billions of people but only one Earth!


Hello, I am Elly. I continue to enjoy my bath time with the tap turned off. I also switch the tap off as I brush my teeth. That aside, my friends and I do our part by watering plants with water used to wash vegetables and rice. I use water with great care as I know that we have a limited supply of this precious resource on our planet. Let us #Connect2Earth together!